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Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, Dovetail Games

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, Dovetail Games

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Dovetail Games to launch a new range after private equity investment

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, Dovetail Games

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, Dovetail Games

Kent based video game developer, Dovetail Games, is poised to launch a live platform for video gamers after attracting investment from a private equity firm.

The train and flight simulator company, based in Chatham, are past successes of Locate in Kent and received a multi-million pound cash injection from Alcuin Capital Partners.

The company have said they will use the investment to launch the initial stages of a new platform called Dovetail Live later this year, which will allow players to interact with each other during simulations.

Dovetail Games chief executive Paul Jackson said: “The vast majority of people that buy our products don’t behave like traditional gamers, who typically play through an experience from start to finish and then go on to look for the next new and big thing.

“They behave like hobbyists, individuals with a deep interest in one product that often spans many years.

“Developing skills and knowledge by adding new layers of depth and enjoyment to their hobby is something they are very willing to invest in. Over time, Dovetail Live will deliver this.”

Founded in 2009, Dovetail has grown from seven employees to 130 staff across two UK sites, one in Chatham and another in Stirling. The company originally started out as a train simulator specialist and has moved on to develop games in flight and fishing, and was named technology business of the year at KEiBA 2015.

Chief operating officer Jon Rissik said he expects the new Dovetail Live platform – which will allow players to buy content and share knowledge – will increase its market from hundreds of thousands to millions over the next five years.

He said: “This is because we know there are a vast number of flight, fishing and rail enthusiasts out there who are looking for ways to extend their enjoyment of the subject matter, but who don’t identify with the mainstream gaming world.

“Dovetail Live will not only be a friendly and welcoming environment which offers digital hobbyists a place to interact with like-minded thinkers, it will enable us to better understand our customers and as a result we will be able to help them tailor their own experiences by offering them content which is very specific to their unique interests.”

Mark Storey, founding partner at Alcuin Capital Partners, which invests between £2 million and £15 million in firms, said: “Dovetail Games is just the sort of ambitious, growing, international business that we like to support. We know hobbies make great investments having backed Games Workshop almost 25 years ago.”

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