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Image taken by Kingsnorth Electrical

Image taken by Kingsnorth Electrical

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Storage technologies present positive opportunities for rural businesses

Image taken by Kingsnorth Electrical

Image taken by Kingsnorth Electrical

With electricity generated by solar panels having increased by 525 per cent since 2012, a leading Kent land and property expert believes now is the right time for rural businesses to consider using energy storage technologies. 

Following the publication of Upgrading our energy system, by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Ashford-based Hobbs Parker Property Consultants believes there will be a growing demand for new energy storage technologies by businesses as the cost of purchasing them falls.

However, it is arguing that the Government needs to simplify the planning regime in order to help those businesses who have invested in solar panels and solar farms, or who are considering it. 

In the South East, the amount of electricity generated by solar panels rose from 213 GWh in 2012 to 1,332.7GWh in 2015, a rise of 525 per cent. 

Jon Rimmer, Chairman at the Hobbs Parker Group, said: “We are aware of a growing number of landowners who have been approached by developers specialising in battery-based energy storage technologies and we welcome the government’s plans to promote their wider use. More landowners might be encouraged to use renewable energy to power their buildings if there’s a strong business case.

“The combination of small scale solar installations with battery storage technologies provides an exciting opportunity for rural businesses to reduce their bills, but the planning system must be supportive of this emerging technology for farmers and rural landowners.

“With the government having also announced its aspiration to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 it is vital that we capitalise on the opportunities presented by renewable energy in order to take pressure off our National Grid.”  

Owners of solar panels are increasingly turning to battery storage technology to store any excess energy produced by their solar panels. These systems can be located on the same site as the panels while owners will be able to control when they use the power generated by the renewable technology.

These technologies mean landowners have the potential to power their buildings entirely from low carbon renewable energy sources. They will still be able to access electricity from the National Grid, while at the same time making considerable financial savings on their energy bills from the electricity they generate and store for later use. 

With the government potentially ending the barriers to smart technologies, all landowners could have the opportunity to access and implement the storage systems. This will enable more rural businesses to save money on their bills as well as further increasing the amount of energy produced by renewable sources. 

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