VooServers has eye on future growth with launch of new head office after successful year

6th November 2018

UK infrastructure company VooServers, which has recently expanded its distribution footprint throughout the UK, Europe and the US, has rounded off another successful year with the launch of its new head office.

2018 has seen the company launch enterprise brand, Vinters and continue to roll out the expansion of datacentres into international markets, including Frankfurt, Seattle and New York.

The new office, located in Vinters Park, Maidstone, Kent reflects the company’s ambitious plans for growth. The new headquarters doubles the office’s capacity in terms of floor space, providing space for a growing team.

VooServers, who had the opportunity get involved with the design of the office from the early build stage, also benefit from having a number of clients and suppliers located onsite at Vinters Park.

Matt Parkinson, VooServers founder and Technical Director, said: “It’s been a really exciting time to move into a new, larger head office space. We’ve had great year-on-year growth and next year is set to look even bigger so, through moving, we’ve ensured capacity for the next 3-5 years.

“All of our growth to date has been organic and, with the growth of outsourced I.T. and investment in cloud technologies, we’re seeing a huge boom in activity. We’ve had a big push over the past 18 months towards a much more analytical approach, and utilising the data that we generate everyday to make more informed business decisions.

“This was the primary reason for investing in a new TV wall which consists of 6 x 42” TVs to display real time data of our services and how we’re performing. We’re now enabling our employees, through the use of new business intelligence products and artificial intelligence, to create reports and performance indicators that are relevant to their own position within the company and aid them in delivering our services.

“The expansion for us is also about creating a stylish, airy, productive environment in which to work – which is better equipped for where the business is heading in the future. We believe that the new office represents the business better as a tech company, especially with it’s technical fittings and floor to ceiling glass windows.”

The company is strengething its position in the U.S. market, with the expansion of its footprint in NYC due to grow again soon, as VooServers has practically filled the capacity that was doubled in December 2017. The company is also looking to have more permanent staff based on the east coast of the U.S. to serve both its American presence and provide additional support cover to European clients for evenings and weekends.

Business in the UK is also growing well, and Matt expects to significantly increase the size of their service desk over the next six months to cater for growth in all areas.

Matt said: “I’ve always been ambitious and competitive so I’m driven by constantly making things bigger and better – but I don’t think I ever pictured us where we are today. Even two years ago, I didn’t see us being this far along in our plans so soon.

“A piece of advice that I run my business by is to look at your plans and ambitions with a child’s mind set, where anything is possible. Often when we grow up, we start to limit our ambitions and associate what could go wrong with our plans rather than looking at things as limitless – this advice is very valuable to me. I think this is really important as often we don’t set our goals to be difficult enough and that limits what we’re aiming for.”

To find out more about VooServers, visit the website on or visit their social media using the Twitter handle @VooServers.

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