VooServers launches affordable new cloud product

26th November 2019

IT infrastructure company, VooServers has launched their new cloud product, Savanna, with the aim of facilitating businesses moving to the cloud by tackling some of the common reservations seen in moving to the cloud.

Savanna will offer a variety of different cloud services including cloud compute, application servers, container servers, cloud storage, content distribution network, load balancers and security appliances. Businesses opting to use the self-healing and highly resilient new cloud product will benefit from high availability support as standard with additional options available for disaster recovery options and real remote replication to one of VooServers’ datacentres in Europe and the US.

Unlike hyper-scale cloud products, Savanna enables people to know exactly where there data sits instead of a generic region or locality. By choosing this new cloud product users will benefit from being able to deal with a local company and can even visit VooServers HQ for a tour of the facility and to see where their data is.

Matt Parkinson, VooServers founder and Technical Director said: “We are excited to launch Savanna, our new cloud product. Hyper-scale clouds have been huge talking points over the past few years however SMEs are often not their target market resulting in long service-level agreements and a lack of personal touch from their standard service level. This can be addressed by paying the premium support fees but can often be upwards of a few thousand pounds per month on top of the services themselves. Our aim with Savanna is to build a cloud product for SMEs that are used to traditional IT infrastructure whilst adapting new technologies in the cloud.”

To show their confidence in their cloud products, VooServers are offering a £150 credit towards cloud services for any business registered with a Kent postcode so that they can give the cloud a try. Learn more here.

Matt added: “We understand that people have their reservations about moving to the cloud so we strive to make the process as easy as possible and we hope that businesses will be reassured by the fact they are dealing with a local company.  Customer service is at the core of what we do, so our team will be there for management and support at every step of the way.”

VooServers already offers private cloud services and public cloud servers to businesses of all sizes from start-ups to multi-national corporations. With fast deployment and custom options available, the company can design, implement and manage tailor-made cloud solutions either from one of their datacentres or on premise. VooServers also have a history of working with a number of hyper-scale cloud providers and are able to provide the best of different clouds combined with Savanna to build a multi-cloud solution that meets all of the requirements of our clients.

To find out more about VooServers, visit the website on or visit their social media using the Twitter handle @VooServers.

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