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AlgaeCytes develops and commercialises next generation bioactive ingredients in Omega 3 oils and proteins for the nutraceutical and the pharmaceutical markets.

AlgaeCytes adapts carefully selected proprietary algae strains known for their high lipid content and particularly for long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The company also has algal strains capable of producing high levels of carbohydrates, particularly polysaccharides, which are used as gelling and/or bulking agents for the food market.

With the worldwide demand for food, clean energy and clean water increasing, and water, energy and food production inextricably linked, AlgaeCytes’ work offers opportunities to vastly change the way we recover water, and the ability to produce sustainable food and energy products.

Over the last decade the market for Omega 3 oils has shown double digit growth, and the market is expected to increase from $25bn in 2011 to $35bn. At present, 85-90 per cent of the global production of Omega 3 oils is produced from oily fish, such as herring and salmon, with the remainder derived from such sources as marine algae. Meeting the growing pharmaceutical and food production demand for these oils represents two significant challenges: the global depletion of fish stocks and increasing consumer demand for taste-neutrality. As a result the outlook for AlgaeCytes, its technology and its vision of becoming a key producer of competitive, secure, and environmentally sound algae products looks positive.


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Having relocated to Discovery Park, near Sandwich, we have benefited from the site’s Enterprise Zone status and £500,000 of Expansion East Kent funding.

Naz Bashir, CEO AlgaeCytes

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