Life In Kent

Cost of Living & Quality of Life

Kent is one of the best connected and most desirable places to live in the UK.

With fast connections to London and Europe by high speed rail, house prices around 33% cheaper than London, and stunning countryside, creative coastal communities, and renowned cultural towns and cities, Kent can offer the complete package to businesses and their employees.

Lower Operating Costs

Kent is a cost effective location for growing businesses, offering up to a 55% saving in operational costs compared to London. And there is a wide choice of commercial property that is up to 72% cheaper than the capital available across the county – from Grade A city centre offices, state-of-the-art labs, innovation centres to industrial units.

Two enterprise zones in North Kent and Discovery Park offer unique investment opportunities for businesses looking to expand quickly and sustainably.

The North Kent Enterprise Zone comprises five highly-accessible business sites across Ebbsfleet, Medway and Maidstone, all in close proximity to London, each with affordable, flexible spaces designed for businesses from sectors including Medical & Life Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing and Creative & Digital Technologies.

Discovery Park has been host to ground breaking pharmaceutical research and development, and continues to be a global leader for R&D for today’s and tomorrow’s therapeutic and manufacturing needs. The Zone has a wide variety of business firms in place: from recruitment, to accounting, to legal services so that companies locating to Discovery Park benefit from these shared services. Over 150 businesses have joined the Zone’s pharmaceutical innovation and business community since 2012.

Cost of living

Workforce living in Kent also benefit from outstanding quality of life in the English countryside and coast. There is good quality housing – from city centre flats to family homes up to 33% less than in London. And with a large housing developments underway including garden cities at at Ebbsfleet, Otterpool Park and Chilmington Green, the county is keeping at pace with the requirements of its growing population.

Living expenses – for utilities, dining out, childcare, groceries and entertainment – are also lower than in London.

Fantastic quality of life

Kent is consistently recognised in the international media as one of the best places to work and live in the UK. And with London within easy reach thanks to fast rail connections, the county has become a magnet for young creatives and affluent families looking for a better quality of life.

From seaside towns, historic sites, stunning countryside, and culturally-rich cities, Kent is one of the most visited and most photographed locations in the UK.

Home to Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover, Kent attracts 65million visitors every year and its thriving visitor economy fuels an incredible food and drink scene and hospitality sector. Canterbury, Margate and Folkestone are not only steeped in history, but they are also home to international arts festivals, major music festivals and international touring circuits.

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