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PageSuite is one of the most pioneering and innovative companies in the world – counting the likes of the LA Times, OK Magazine and the South China Morning Post among its most high-profile customers.

This leading digital, mobile and tablet publishing company put Kent on the map for digital innovation in 2006, when founder Nathan Parrett first developed the page turning software that changed the way people accessed news online.

It’s come a long way since then, from humble beginnings in a garage to two barns in rural Aldington and from there to 6,000 sq. ft. of premium commercial space in Connect Thirty Eight, the flagship first phase of Ashford’s new commercial quarter within walking distance of high speed rail connections to both London and Europe from the neighbouring Ashford International rail station.

The company today has over 50 employees focused on both further expansion of PageSuite’s digital publishing business worldwide and embracing the potential of emerging technologies through its subsidiary development brand, SixPorts.  With an international office in Boston and clients around the world, this is a company flying the flag for the UK digital sector.

“We’ve had eight, nine, 10 years of experience with our developers working for some top brands worldwide that we’re developing custom solutions for, resulting in a wealth of experience,” says Ross Murphy, CEO for PageSuite and SixPorts.

‘We’re now bringing that experience with our SixPorts brand to Kent and the UK, targeting other verticals outside publishing – from the food and drink sector and the legal profession to the developers and public sector experts planning tomorrow’s smart cities.”

Their growing team are committed to building market-leading technology solutions, continuously adapting to suit the ever-changing publishing and digital landscape and capable of offering 24/7 support 365 days a year.

Being located in Kent has been key to that success and the company’s future growth with its new home at Connect Thirty Eight, the first part of that exciting next chapter.

“This building really was us investing in the business because from a recruitment point of view we wanted to be more appealing, to invest in our staff,” Ross explains.

“We came from a rural location so were crammed in.  We didn’t realise how crammed in we were until we came to this space with close to 6,500 sq. ft now, so we’ve got room to grow.”

With journey times of 38 minutes in to London St Pancras, the choice of location has also highlighted the strengths of Kent as a business location – from excellent transport links and quality of life to the lower costs of property compared to the capital.

“Kent is a great location, because it’s got great communications. With London, we’re only 38 minutes away from St Pancras so it’s great to have that business on your doorstep,

“From a competitor point of view, the price per square foot is a lot cheaper in Kent compared to London.  We also have access to a fantastic talent pool of new people that can bring into the business.”

Looking to the future, Ross is upbeat.

“On the PageSuite side we want to build more products for publishers. We’re also looking to expand from a territory perspective. South America is a big market for us. We’re crazy enough to give it a go and it’s paying dividend.

“With SixPorts the future is about really developing and growing that brand and becoming a real resource to companies in the UK.”

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“With SixPorts the future is about really developing and growing that brand and becoming a real resource to companies in the UK.”

Ross Murphy, CEO

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