Today The London Resort announced it has taken four significant steps in its preparation to submit proposals later this year. Despite the massive disruption caused by COVID-19, the Resort’s expert team has maintained strong progress on its work and confirmed:

Proposals for a ‘late-summer / early autumn’ public consultation including online and ‘virtual’ engagement.

Confirmed submission of a 300-page Environmental Scoping report by 12th June.

Contacted advisors of affected local businesses, setting out terms for the acquisition of land including an additional premium.

Written to the Community Liaison Group to help share information about the project.

PY Gerbeau, Chief Executive said:

“The team have been immense, working incredibly hard during these awful times. I joined just under a year ago and we are always being asked to hurry up. Well, I am happy to tell you we have made strong progress and these reports are hugely important. This is a significant step in transforming an amazing and ambitious dream into reality.

“We obviously can’t hold a public consultation in the normal way – but we will make sure we reach out to local residents and businesses as well as the wider community and stakeholders. We are talking to Government about how we will be using digital technology, websites, video conferences and online Question and Answer Sessions.”

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