Gordon Henderson, Local MP for Sittingbourne &Sheppey, visited us here at the CEL factory to see a demonstration of our impressive new robotic welding plant in action here in Sittingbourne, Kent.

The recent new investment enables all of our welder fabricators to upskill. Some will learn to program and operate our MIG welding robot, and others are receiving training in more advanced welding techniques. Our first training with The Welding Institute takes place later this month and involves TIG welding fine limit aluminum.

Quote from MP: “I thoroughly enjoyed the tour on Friday, I am impressed with how proactive CEL is in investing in new technologies, this should be a model for other Kent manufactures to boost productivity and remain competitive in the future”.

Managing Director, Troy Barratt describes the visit as “exciting to see we have generated lots of interest in CEL’s continued growth and technological development. Our new robotic welding plant is a big leap forward for us, and we appreciate that Gordon has visited us again to see the robot in action”.

AT CEL we continue to invest in the services we offer, ensuring safety remains our top priority with a positive working environment for our highly valued team.

Contracts Engineering Ltd offers customers a complete fabrication services including DESIGN + MANUFACTURE, Supply Chain Integration and complete Quality Assurance. Services cater to our core markets, including construction, light infrastructure, street furniture and other commercial and industrial niches.

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