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Cheaper property, lower salaries, more opportunities

Kent represents true value for money without compromising on quality.

Our wide range of office, studio, industrial, lab and manufacturing spaces are up to 72% lower in rental or purchase costs compared to London. This combined with a highly skilled workforce with lower salary levels can result in operational savings of up to 55% for ambitious businesses.

It is easy for established businesses to expand in Kent too, with a wide-range of diverse and flexible locations available for rent or purchase across the county.

Low Tax Rate

The UK has the lowest headline business tax rate in the G20 (20 major economies), which companies in Kent benefit from. The current UK corporation tax rate is 17% in 2020.

First-class Commercial Property

From large enterprise zones to small incubator spaces for start-ups, property options in Kent are practically endless. We have the benefit of space in the county for strategic commercial development, as well as modern offices in town centres, artistic coastal quarters and state of the art research labs and manufacturing sites. All representing high value for money.

Funding Support

We can offer a range of financial incentives to help your business thrive. From start-up loans to investment that brings innovative products to life and grants available throughout the year. Our team can advise you on the best schemes to suit your business requirements – and how to access them.

Enterprise Zone status

The North Kent Enterprise Zone comprises five highly-accessible business sites across three locations in north Kent, and offers business rate savings of up to £275,000 over five years. Benefits can be used alongside a number of funding support schemes for growing businesses, making it an ideal base for new and expanding businesses.

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